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Here at the Tally Ho Project we believe that storytelling is everything. Our fun and fact-filled talks, aimed at key stage 2 students, take the form of an hour assembly where the children get to learn about a huge turning point in our history – The Battle of Britain. They’ll hear about an incredible generation of people who successfully rose to a huge global challenge and will have the opportunity to wear some of the original equipment and clothing from the era to enhance this experience. We focus on the virtues that defined these humble folk and as a result, all of our talks are based around the following core values: duty, unity, courage and resilience. Each session ends with a Q and A section which tends to be full of energy and imagination!

The day then proceeds to the ‘classroom sessions’. Here we work with each year 6 class individually and start to explore our core values a little deeper and how they relate to the children today. The talk turns to the importance of personal growth and what lessons we can learn from the events of 1940. At each stage, we relate the conversation to inspiring, personal stories from the Second World War that make a huge impact.




We’ve been so privileged and proud to work with such organisations as The Scouts, The Brownies and The Beavers over the years. Our offering to after school clubs consists of a condensed but still extremely impactful version of the Primary talks. Suitable for an age range of 6-14, they will hear incredibly empowering tales from the Battle of Britain and have the opportunity to tell the story with me by wearing some of the original clothing from the era. These sessions last for an hour.




It’s our passion to connect with students in Secondary education and really tap into some of the incredible generational mentorship on offer, inspiring students to go forward and live ‘their finest hour’. We take you through a journey of personal growth that has been completely inspired by the greatest generation and is full of incredible and unforgettable stories from this unique time. We discuss the importance of self-belief, acceptance, unity, resilience, influences and contribution. The example set and the lessons I have personally learned from these humble folk have shone a light on the path ahead and I truly believe that they can for you too. These sessions last for an hour and end with a Q and A section.



In response to the events of 2020 we have made sure that these positive messages are accessible at a time when they are needed most. As a result, we have been delivering them remotely with great success and we are pleased to be able to offer you this service. Each virtual talk lasts for an hour and is full of impact and energy. Whatever your needs are or wherever you are situated in the world, we can bring this positive message directly to you.


Here at The Tally Ho Project storytelling is everything. We’ve set ourselves the target of empowering and inspiring a quarter of a million students to rise to life’s challenges and we do this by telling incredible stories of human achievement. Our passion for personal development, inspired by history allows us to start the conversation with students about an incredible generation of people who rose to one of the greatest challenges the world has ever seen- The Second World War.

First-hand conversations with these amazing folk have enabled us to extract the core values that drove them to ‘success’ and we feel that they are more relevant today than they have ever been before. These values are duty, unity, courage and resilience. We’d love to share with you our deep respect for the past but also our complete faith in the future and show how one can positively influence the other.


After the events of 2020, we can start to appreciate how it feels to be an ordinary generation of people living through extraordinary times. The example set by this amazing generation can not only give us perspective but also hope. It’s our mission to learn from the past and inspire the present to help create a better world.

As a result, The Tally Ho Project is set up as a social enterprise and we are proud of our status as a Community Interest Company (CIC). This is very much in-line with the community driven aims of this passion project and being registered as a CIC proves our commitment to reinvest in the future. It’s written in the very constitution of our business that any profits made will be redirected into helping and inspiring the Leaders of tomorrow.


Vicki Walker